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I just watch the first 3 episodes of the new show “The 100” from CW and so far I’m liking it a lot. Don’t get me wrong its pretty CW, but thats not a bad thing. In my opinion they have always had grate scoring and amazing story lines but, and there is always a but. CW tried and they did a good job, but at first it really just feels like shows I’ve seen before put together. I’m not gunna name any because by the end of episode 1 if not 2 you will be thoroughly invested.

The First Time Movie Review

The First Time is a wonderful movie that I’m claiming as a classic and I give it 9/10. I feel the movie was casted perfectly all the way down to star in supporting roles that killing it. They capture everything about teenage love so well in this movie. The unforeseen reality that even once you become older life is just high school forever. The anxty, nervous, shy, confused vibes that teenagers have is acted out with such finesse that you can’t even tell your watching a movie. Until it ruined by a movie moment and there are 3 of them in this movie. But Its not a problem because the movie recovers from the plot necessary, cheesy movie moments so fast every time that your back into the movie. Which also makes it where you never get tiered of the movie because you don’t need to brake the glue that keeps your eye stuck to the screen yourself its done for you. This is a must see.

SYRUP Movie Review

Syrup is a movie that came out in 2013 and it happens to be a despite the way the movie flows. Overall the movie has great acting by both leads and I give it a 8/10. The reason for the movie really even being an 8 is mostly because is has a circle plot. I know that you may feel like spoiled the movie for you. If I’m being completely honest, its not a readable film and that has a big part in making Syrup work for me. Just watch it for the fun. But if your sad don’t do it to your self.

True Detective a new show on HBO.

HBO’s youtube page put out a preview for it True Detective show last year and I was anxiously weighting for it to come out. I ended up sleeping on the show for a bit and today I watched 3 episodes in a row. The show is even better then I though it would be. There is crazy time flipping the feels seamless, under line plots, and writing that makes you even question real life. This is a must see “if you think you can handle it.” Thats all I can say for now, but once seasons finished I’ll do a in depth review. Shout out to Nic Pizzolatto for executing a style a writing that is most often half assed.